Kindle Vella Stories

The New House by K.M. Bennett

Stories of people who move to new homes and find fresh horrors. Season 1: A young boy reckons with the loneliness and isolation brought on by his scientist mother’s alcoholism by bringing home a new breed of spider from her lab, leading to disastrous consequences.

The New House (Season 1 Complete) by K.M. Bennett (Author). Moving to a new home is a nightmare, but these houses are absolutely killer. In this horror anthology, people move to new homes and unearth...(read more). Horror, suspense, thriller, paranormal, survival, scary.

Rosewater by K.M. Bennett

A resignation letter to the Frostbend Park Board and Gardener’s Association is more than what it seems: It reveals a tale of blood and horror in a scrabble to be the Champion Gardener. And it all starts with roses. Content Warning: Implied suicide.

A white rose with blood on it.