5 Favorite Serialized Fiction Podcasts

I spend a ton of time in the car since my son’s childcare is pretty far away, so I listen to podcasts to help make the time go faster. That’s how my obsession started, anyway, but now it has morphed into a general love for podcasts and I look forward to times I can listen. It’s a form of therapy, in a way.

I’ve wanted to share my favorite dramatized fiction podcasts with you for a while. I hope you enjoy these and give them a chance!

1. Welcome to Night Vale

This was the podcast that started it all for me. It’s one that I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a live showing of, and it’s the first podcast that I became a true fan of. I’m pretty behind on the episodes right now, due to the fact that I only listen to these when I can give them an almost meditative, rapt sort of attention that I can’t normally make time for these days. But I love this podcast and find it soothing to listen to.

For the initiated, this is a podcast about a creepy desert town called Night Vale, and it’s presented as if you are listening in to their local radio show. The radio host is laughably optimistic despite the weird horror-movie events that happen daily in this strange town, and every crisis is met with a sort of dry humor. It’s funny, it’s quirky, it’s weird, and there is a “weather” break during each episode where you can hear new music that you might not find anywhere else.

2. Limetown

Creepy event that causes an entire town to just up and disappear? Check. Plucky protagonist who refuses to back down from her search for truth despite mysterious enemies threatening her? Check. Edge-of-your-seat suspense? Check.

3. Homecoming

I haven’t finished this one yet, but the suspense, production, and delivery are just fantastic. This is, on the surface, about a woman who works for a therapeutic program that helps veterans adjust to civilian life after returning from deployment. There couldn’t be anything sinister about that, right?

4. Deadly Manners

Funny, suspenseful, and well-produced, this audio drama is a whodunnit that will entertain you and make you laugh. This is one murder-mystery dinner you’ll be happy to attend from the safety of your earbuds!

5. The NoSleep Podcast

I had to include this podcast, not in the least because I’ve been recently featured in it as an author! It has free content and additional stories you can purchase for a fee. These horror stories run the gamut from suspenseful to downright grotesque, if that’s what you’re into. There’s something for the horror fan in everyone! Check out Season 11 and pay for the full episode 4 to listen to my story, Edgar Falls Run.

Writing/Life Update

I’ve gotten two rejections from agents already. Hurray! That means I’ve started the process and I’m a real writer! 😉 I’ll be resubmitting to more as soon as possible. I also got some exciting publishing news: My first-ever horror story was published in audio on The NoSleep Podcast!

At first I thought it was odd that a piece of horror would be one of my first published pieces. Most people I know probably wouldn’t peg me for a horror author. But then I realized that it might actually make sense. I have many anxieties, so why wouldn’t I be able to communicate those in story form? Those of us who feel fear can probably write about it all day! Yay for turning negative emotions into art!

Speaking of anxieties, we’re currently trying to figure out where we want to live next, as our time in our teeny-tiny apartment may be coming to a close soon. Where is that new, bigger, place going to be? I have no idea, but the search is consuming much of my mental and emotional energy.

Til’ next time, folks! Thanks for reading this far and for your support!

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