Some Darkness, Some Brightness, and Some Daughters of Darkness

Hello friends,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update here, and for a reason. This winter, my dad’s health took a turn for the worst, and in March, he passed away.

I can’t begin to explain how this has affected me, and the ripples that this event has sent coursing through my life. He will be greatly missed, and my heart hurts, not only for missing him, but for knowing I’ll never get to show him my books when they become published, though he knew I was writing them. He always showed a great amount of interest in my writing, and I’ll never forget how he would pore over my words with a look of both great concentration and pride as he read anything I handed him.

Therefore, it was bittersweet when my short story, Edgar Falls Run, appeared in the recently published anthology, Daughters of Darkness under my horror pen name, K.M. Bennett. When I shared the news of the publication with my mom, she said “He [your dad] never doubted you.” That meant the world to me.

I don’t get to share this book with my dad, but I get to share it with you. I’m very happy to be a part of this project, which involved an anthology put together by all-women writers, in a genre where women tend to be underrepresented.

I’ve still been writing. I’m finishing editing my second novel, a young-adult, coming-of-age, historical fiction/fantasy set in Victorian England (with mermaids!). Isn’t that a mouthful :). I plan to participate in the June 6th Pitmad event, where I’ll be pitching this novel. Wish me luck! If you’re on twitter and want to help me out, share my pitches on June 6 by retweeting them from my Twitter.

And with that, I’m going to close, because there is work to be done and there are mermaids to write about.

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