New Things Coming Soon!

It’s been a while, and I’ve been busy!

I’m working on a horror novel with sisters, a rural gothic mood, and ghosts. I’m excited to see where this new story is going.

Image source. Two-story home at night with glowing yellow lights.

I also have had success with a 100-word flash fiction piece to be published in an upcoming anthology, Once Upon a Drabble.

Upcoming anthology containing my story is being published by Raven & Drake Publishing.

I had so much fun with Better Together: A Cherry and Friends Tale that I think I’m going to do another picture book! I’m keeping this next one a secret for now in terms of what it’s about, but one hint is: it involves things that live in the ocean!

Finally, I had the chance to speak about Twitter pitch events for writers, and I really enjoyed the experience.

Stay tuned for more books and stories!

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